PACIFIC STEEL CO. - Tom Brumley, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Jay Dee Maness, Red Rhodes

Item Number: CD 9000
Price: $7.98


This is the last hurrah for the mail order side only for Sierra Records.

GoEmerchant who has administered Sierra's ecommerce since 2004, has offered this last minute extension to keep the webstore open in order to offer what will be one of the last of the great recordings to available again from the 1970s,


Featuring Al Perkins, Jay Dee Maness and the late Tom Brumley, Sneaky Pete Kleinow and Red Rhodes, these great pedal steel players are backup by a stellar group of musicians including Skip Battin, John Hobbs, Al Casey, Greg Harris, Ed Ponder, and Bob Warford to name just a few.

As an unofficial follow up to the SUITE STEEL CD (still available here), this first time import compact disc release will only be available for a limited time.

These outstanding performances are a great companion to that previous SUITE STEEL CD offered a few months ago.


1. Fat'n Sassy Jay Dee Maness (3:30)
2. Spittin' Image Sneaky Pete Kleinow (1;58)
3. Atrium Al Perkins (2:51)
4. Selah Tom Brumley (3:14)
5. Sheffield Steel Junior (Red) Rhodes (2:50)
6. Salty Psaltery ? Al Perkins (3:58)
7. Jay Dee's Boogie ? Jay Dee Maness (1:52)
8. Arrowhead ? Tom Brumley (2:21)
9. Tonight Is Forever ? Sneaky Pete Kleinow (3:22)
10. Rio ? Junior (Red) Rhodes (4:44)


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