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Item Number: SHF 1002
Price: $24.98


Manufactured with exclusive Ultra High Definition (UHD) Sierra High Fidelity technology. Mastered at the Abbey Road Studios on Direct Metal Master (DMM).

Vinyl 2LP Set includes:

180-gram SIERRA HIGH FIDELITY Vinyl 2LP set (Unnumbered);

Digital Download Card (DDC) that provides secure one-time access to MP3 files of all 24 songs on the album plus 6 additional songs from the previous available bonus CDs.

A full color 12 page, booklet containing rare photos by Henry Diltz, Jim McCrary and others, with in-depth annotations by renowned biographers Johnny Rogan (The Byrds), John Einarson (Gene Clark) and Domenic Priore (Beach Boys).

Counts as 2 items for shipping and handling.

Here are the never-before-released tracks you'll find in this collection:

LP-Side One

Track 1 The Way I Am
Track 2 I'd Feel Better
Track 3 That Girl
Track 4 A Worried Heart
Track 5 If There's No Love

Recorded Spring 1964, World Pacific Studios, Produced by Jim Dickson; Original source: Scotch 201, 1/2" 3-track analog master, 15 ips; solo with 12-string guitar.

Track 6 Back Street Mirror
Track 7 Don't Let It Fall Through

Recorded January 26, 1967, Sound Recorders, Produced by Jim Dickson; Arranger, Leon Russell; Horn Section, Hugh Masekela; Mixer, Armin Steiner; Recorder, Cal Frisk; Original Source: Scotch 203, 8-track, 1" 8-track analog master, 15 ips; Full Band.
LP-Side Two Title
Track 1 Back To The Earth Again
Track 2 The Lighthouse
Track 3 The Awakening Within
Track 4 Sweet Adrienne
Track 5 Walking Through This Lifetime
Track 6 The Sparrow
Track 7 Only Yesterday's Gone

Recorded 1968-1970, Liberty/UA Recording Studios, Produced by Jim Dickson; Original Source: Scotch 150, 1/4" full track mono, analog master, 15 ips; solo with acoustic guitar.

LP-Side Three Title
Track 1 She Darked the Sun

Recorded Spring 1970, Sound Factory, Produced by Jim Dickson: Original source: Scotch 206, 1/4" 2-track analog master, 15 ips; with the "The Burrito Deluxe - Flying Burrito Bros".

Track 2 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Track 3 She Don't Care About Time
Track 4 Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
Track 5 Bars Have Made a Prisoner Out Of Me

Recorded July - September 1972, Wally Heider Studio 4, Produced by Chris Hinshaw and Terry Melcher: Original source: Ampex 631, 1/4" 2-track analog master, 15 ips; with Clarence White, Eric White Sr., Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Spooner Oldham, Byron Berline, Michael Clarke, Claudia Lennear and friends.

LP-Side Four Title

NYTEFLYTE - Gene Clark, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen, Al Perkins, Michael Clarke

Track 1 One Hundred Years From Now
Track 2 (The) Letter LISTEN
Track 3 Still Feeling Blue
Track 4 No Memories Hangin' Round
Track 5 I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better

Recorded July 10, 1982, Criterion Recorders, Produced by Jim Dickson: Engineer, Captain Echo; Original source: Agfa PEM 408, 2" 16-track analog master, 15 ips.


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