Item Number: DD Clark 1
Price: $14.98


Available for limited time only, at a special one time only price, the Digital Download Version only of the highly acclaimed "GENE CLARK:THE LOST STUDIO SESSIONS 1064-1982" is available until the end of June 2018.

You can now download all 24 tracks from the 2LP vinyl and SACD release plus 6 additional tracks from the limited edition mini CD and 2 more bonus tracks from the "Folk Den" mini CD. All 30 tracks are available in highest resolution MP3 "24/44" format plus a separate file of the 36 page booklet in pdf format. The complete list of songs and full description are posted at the Sierra Records Mail Order website.

After you place your order, an email will be sent to your address with a link to the download site where you will be prompted to insert your unique download code. The pdf file will also be included in that email.

If this album was available on itunes or amazon (which it is not) each track would cost $1.29. But here exclusively, pay less than 50% for a limited time only.

All orders for this digital download album are final and cannot be cancelled. No refunds are accepted if you choose later to cancel your order.


Track 1 The Way I Am
Track 2 I'd Feel Better
Track 3 That Girl
Track 4 A Worried Heart
Track 5 If There's No Love
Track 6 Back Street Mirror
Track 7 Don't Let It Fall Through
Track 8 Back To The Earth Again
Track 9 The Lighthouse
Track 10 The Awakening Within
Track 11 Sweet Adrienne
Track 12 Walking Through This Lifetime
Track 13 The Sparrow
Track 14 Only Yesterday's Gone
Track 15 She Darked the Sun
Track 16 Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
Track 17 She Don't Care About Time
Track 18 Don't This Road Look Rough and Rocky
Track 19 Bars Have Made a Prisoner Out Of Me
Track 20 One Hundred Years From Now
Track 21 (The) Letter
Track 22 Still Feeling Blue
Track 23 No Memories Hangin' Round
Track 24 I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
Track 25 All For Him (Her)
Track 26 Why Can't I Have Her Back Again
Track 27 The Virgin
Track 28 She's the Kind of Girl
Track 29 1975
Track 30 One In a Hundred


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