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John Hartford's 1971 LP, Aereo-Plain, was groundbreaking in its ability to sound earnestly faithful to the music it was rooted in, while still twisting words and poking fun in a way that was definitely hip for the time. The informal jam session feel of the recordings created some 80-odd reels of tape that couldn't all fit onto the LP, until this release of "Steam Powered Aereo-Takes", featuring nearly an hour of song sketches, outtakes, demos, impromptu jams, and goofing-off suites. All the members of the assembled team -- including Hartford on guitar, banjo, and vocals, Norman Blake on guitar and mandolin, Tut Taylor on dobro, mandolin, and mandola, Vassar Clements on fiddle and mandocello, and Randy Scruggs on electric bass -- were at the top of their musical game in the early '70s, and the recordings show it beautifully. The song ideas are there, but they feel looser and more free, with each of the performers playing with ideas and song structures, fiddling with things when they don't work, and milking them when they click.


Where the Old Red River Flows
Ruff and Ready
Blame It On Joann
The Vamp from Back in the Goodle Days
Emanuel Cant
Bad Music (Is Better Than No Music At All)
Dig A Hole
Presbyterian Guitar
Strange Old Man
Lady Jane
Because of You
Morning Bugle
John Henry
Doin' My Time
Keep On Truckin'
Don't Ever Take Your Eyes Off the Game, Babe
Howard Hughes Blues


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